One of a kind Classical, fold-up, full size, travel, professional guitar #0001 prototype, the only one in the world.
This is a professional classical guitar, very powerful and beautiful
Handcrafted by Jim Greeninger, Segovia student
No more travel problems, take it on board every time
Top is simple, solid spruce and can later be adorned anyway  the owner would like
Plays like a dream
Unusually beautiful, clear, even and robust in any tuning acoustically or electronically
Baggs LB-6 pickup with volume control under bass side of the sound-hole
Tuner under treble side of the sound-hole
High quality tuning machines
Leather strap with strap-locks
Locking bolt is also the strap-lock
Document of certification included
$24,000 obo

Trophy, collector's, rare authentic.

This incredible guitar started as an acoustic body and was highly altered by Jim Greeninger. The inside was thickness measured by Master Luthier Jeffery R. Elliott and altered by Jim Greeninger to match classical tonality. The result was a very versatile instrument that sounds robust and even note for note in any tuning. This is very unusual as most all classical guitars have one or more notes which are too loud or quiet, but not this great instrument. Jim has often played this instrument in concert as his "Baritone Guitar" tuned 3 1/2 steps low. The result is a very deep sound with no loss of quality or evenness, so very beautiful. The L. R. Baggs LB-6 pickup is a perfect compliment to the deep and beautiful acoustic sound. Jim playes it through his Bose L-1 Mark II sound system.


Flamed Maple Binding

Pearl Rosette


Ready to fly

Robust Hinge System

Compound Captured Nut System

Hidden Tuner

End Pin is also the Hinge Locking Screw

High Quality Tuning Machines &

Capo prevents strings from unraveling at the head when in the folded case



Tuned up to pitch - click on picture for video


Baritone Guitar, tuned 2 1/2 steps low. No need for a bass player with this - click on picture for video (new video soon). I love playing and hearing this great guitar tuned quite low, so pretty, deep and powerful

Recorded on the latest guitar I built, the only folding classical in the world, folds and goes into a backpack but looks normal. Travel with ease on any airline with your guitar always in the overhead compartment. This one of a kind guitar is for sale. As you would expect with my guitars, this 0001 Folding Classical plays and sounds like a dream both acoustically and with the Baggs LB-6 pickup, very even and robust.







How to fold the guitar to go into the backpack. In the back pocket you can place your laptop computer, cloths, etc.